Eczacibasi Vitra upgrades its sanitaryware plant with Sacmi technology


Another GA 2000 robot from Gaiotto recently began operation at the Bozüyük facility belonging to Turkish sanitaryware manufacturer Vitra Eczacibasi, bringing an improvement in the overall efficiency of the glazing department.

Key characteristics of this latest investment include the advanced glaze delivery and recovery systems. Due to its reduced size, the new GDA80 spray gun can reach all parts of every sanitaryware piece and combines precision and repeatability of the programmes with improved reliability and minimal maintenance thanks to the replacement of critical parts. Glaze savings are ensured by a glaze recovery system that uses dry-filter booths. Benefits include not just reduced costs but also lower environmental impact thanks to a drastic reduction in booth washing water contamination and improved working conditions for glazing personnel. The Gaiotto glazing robot is also equipped with a new integrated Mass Control system with a universal operator interface in Turkish.

This latest order follows hard on the heels of the start-up at the same production facility of a high-pressure casting cell consisting of two single-mould AVM150 casting machines for back-to-wall and suspended WCs, cast using a 7-part resin mould. One of the most notable features of the system is the pre-dryer, which reduces WC moisture content rapidly (about 1.5 hours on average) and in a controlled and homogeneous manner. Precision control of humidity and temperature parameters inside the pre-dryer allows the process to be speeded up without any of the deformation or breakage issues that often occur during this initial stage when moisture content is still around 80-85%.

An anthropomorphic robot applies the glue for the rim, then de-moulds, handles and if necessary turns over the WC and loads it onto the dryer car. Rapid, independent mould changeovers can be completed on one of the two machines without having to stop the other single-mould casting module.

Another AVM150 casting cell was recently started up at the Russian facility of Vitra Santehnika, joining previous systems supplied by Sacmi for the drying, glazing and firing lines.