Kale chooses additional glazing equipment from Gaiotto


The Kale Group has strengthened its partnership with the Sacmi Group to expand its sanitaryware glazing operations at its plant in Çan with two additional glazing lines, each equipped with a Gaiotto 9-axis GA 2000 robot.

Gaiotto robotized glazing allows manufacturers to maintain constant finished product quality because the Mass Control system stabilises glaze delivery and operates in synergy with the new GDA80 spray gun.

The compactness of the system allows it to reach the various parts of sanitaryware items more easily, and maintenance is minimised thanks to the replacement of key components. Self-learning programming ensures a high level of manufacturing flexibility. The two lines boost output by some 2,000 pieces a day.

Kale is particularly satisfied with the glaze recovery system, which uses booths with dry filters to recover all the glaze. Beneficial effects include less glaze waste, improved environmental sustainability due to reduced contamination of booth washing water, and better working conditions for glazing line operators.