Kohler reduces energy consumption with the Titanium kiln from B&T White


The new kiln has been in operation in the Kohler factory in Brazil for about 16 months, where it has reduced levels of consumption by around 20-25%.

The US-based group Kohler, one of the world’s largest ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers, installed an innovative Titanium® kiln in its Brazilian plant in December 2017.

The choice of technology was determined by the supplier’s ability to propose solutions for high-quality production and high energy efficiency, an area in which the SITI BT Group’s B&T White division excels given its specialisation in sanitaryware production plant. The levels of energy efficiency of the B&T White sanitaryware tunnel kilns have been further improved by the use of the innovative Titanium® burners, which have brought significant reductions in kiln energy consumptions for tile firing since they were introduced in 2014.

This is confirmed by the production data for the first 16 months of operation of the Brazilian site’s kiln, which reveal energy savings of around 20-25% compared to conventional technologies.

The latest-generation Titanium® kilns stand out for their simple, linear and easy-to-manage plant architecture. They ensure perfect control over all variables that impact finished product quality and allow for a wide range of possible configurations while guaranteeing the highest levels of flexibility.