Laufen chooses robotized glazing from Sacmi-Gaiotto


The first complete supply for the Laufen (Roca Group) factory in the Czech Republic.

Sacmi Sanitaryware has acquired another important customer in Central Europe - Laufen, a sanitaryware producer based in Znojmo, Czech Republic.

Part of the Roca Group, already a Sacmi partner, Laufen recently installed the first robotised glazing cell completely supplied by Sacmi-Gaiotto and equipped with glazing and handling robots.

The latest-generation FANUC handling robot serves two filling siphon glazing machines, Sacmi’s innovative machine specially designed to guarantee maximum versatility in handling different types of WCs. In particular, the system allows glazing cycles to be customised with solutions dedicated to each specific type of piece, thereby optimising cell efficiency.

The glazing operations are controlled by a Gaiotto GA2000 robot installed on a two-position carousel and equipped with a dry glaze filtering system.

Thanks to the smart release of software for offline programming via 3D modelling, the customer can obtain a significant reduction in time-to-market for new models, thereby optimising process quality and performance and reducing glazing consumption.

The robot supplied to Laufen is equipped with a GDA80, the high-performance and zero-maintenance Sacmi needle-free spray-gun.