Marcheluzzo Ceramics sees large numbers of visitors at Tecnargilla


Present at the show with its Ceramics and Heavy Clay divisions, the Vicenza-based company attracted large numbers of international visitors to its stand.

Marcheluzzo Ceramics, a Vicenza, Italy-based company operating in the ceramics and heavy clay segments, saw a large number of visitors from all over the world converge on its stand during the five days of Tecnargilla.

The company presented a range of new technologies at the show, including innovative internal ventilation systems for sanitaryware and refractory dryers that treat the material in a very delicate way and guarantee a faster cycle, reduced consumptions and high levels of quality.

It also showcased highly effective factory air conditioning and air treatment systems designed to maintain the optimal temperature and humidity levels essential for both product quality management and a healthy workplace.

The Heavy Clay Division also unveiled a new rotating two-head gripper made entirely of aluminium which achieves an unprecedented level of production capacity with a single robot. The plant delivers maximum flexibility and management cost savings.