Marcheluzzo Impianti opens Ceramic Division


Marcheluzzo Impianti, a company based in Castelnovo d'Isola Vicentina (VI) which has been manufacturing brick technology since 1971, decided to expand into the ceramic sanitaryware sector a couple of years ago.

The primary aim was to diversify its field of operation, while at the same time optimising and transferring the expertise acquired in over 40 years of experience in the brick industry and offering the market highly specialised technology.

For this purpose it expanded its technical and sales staff with the addition of professionals with many years of experience in the sanitaryware sector. The new Ceramic Division boasts key strengths in the drying department, including specific expertise in casting room air conditioning and factory air treatment, energy recovery analysis and all handling and automation operations for materials entering and exiting the dryer. In particular, the division can offer expertise on all aspects of heat management, including slip heating systems (excluding kilns).

One of the most important orders already completed is the installation of a tunnel dryer for one-piece articles at Saudi Ceramics. Launched in November 2014, the dryer is the longest in the world with a length of 130 metres. In view of the success of the first plant, the Saudi company also ordered an entire casting room air treatment system for the expansion of the existing production line.

The Marcheluzzo Impianti Ceramic Division showcased its services and technology offerings at Ceramitec 2015, where it was very well received by industry professionals.