ReCap and AESTHETICA: two new services from B&T White for the world of sanitaryware


The services meet the need of sanitaryware producers to reconcile aesthetic quality, commercial needs and production constraints. ReCaP is based on collaboration with Imerys

SITI B&T Group’s sanitaryware division B&T White recently unveiled two new services called AESTHETICA and ReCaP (Recipes for Casting Processes) designed to fulfil the sanitaryware market’s need for solutions that reconcile aesthetic quality with commercial requirements and technical production expertise.

AESTHETICA aims to resolve problems deriving from potential divergences between the aesthetic demands of designers and the needs of the production facilities that have to take account of production costs and the effective producibility of pieces. In other words, the aim of Aesthetica is to ensure the real industrial-scale feasibility of a given design project so as to guarantee production and a reduction in time-to-market while meeting production budgets.

ReCaP is a service based on collaboration between B&T White and Imerys, a world leading supplier of minerals for the industry, a unique partnership that aims to support sanitaryware producers in designing new production plants and in improving the efficiency of existing installations for no additional cost.

For new plants, ReCaP carries out research to determine the best possible body formulation from both a technical and an economic perspective and to optimise casting processes by making maximum use of local raw materials.

In the case of existing installations, it meticulously analyses the existing formulation to improve the efficiency of the casting processes with minimal impact.

Both services are designed to promote collaboration between players in the world of ceramic sanitaryware (designers, raw materials suppliers, machinery producers and end customers) so as to be able to address the various issues more effectively and optimise processes, thereby making significant savings in terms of time and resources.