Sacmi celebrates three decades in the sanitaryware industry


Sacmi will celebrate its 30th anniversary in the sanitaryware industry during the Tecnargilla "week" (Rimini, 22nd - 26th September), where the group will exhibit all its very latest developments.

On Monday 22nd, a special Open Day will be organised at the company's headquarters in Imola: industry operators will be able to visit the Sacmi plant and enjoy a close look at the very latest technological solutions.

The agenda includes, in the afternoon, the traditional symposium on the sanitaryware production process, with speakers of international standing illustrating all the latest trends affecting global markets, from sales patterns to technology.

It will be a key opportunity for Sacmi to illustrate the advantages of pressure casting, a field where Sacmi proved to be successful: by December 2013, 383 high pressure casting machines (152 for 2-part moulds and 231 for multi-part moulds) were sold, as well as 5,747 moulds and 1,586 case moulds.

The success of Sacmi Whitewas division also stems from a forward-thinking diversification strategy, begun in 1997 with the takeover of Niv (sanitaryware casting machines), followed by Riedhammer (kilns and special ceramics), Sama (a major player in the tableware industry with a useful know-how also for the sanitaryware sector), and Gaiotto, in the year 2002. With its glazing and product handling robots, Gaiotto allowed Sacmi to raise its game from a process automation standpoint, too.

To date, Sacmi installations worldwide include 520 robots, 170 robots used directly on casting stations, and 345 Riedhammer kilns (196 tunnel kilns and 149 shuttle kilns).