Sacmi-Riedhammer supplies sanitaryware technology to Charu Ceramic Bangladesh


Charu Ceramic Bangladesh has successfully installed and tested 2 new HWS Riedhammer shuttle kilns for the firing of high-quality ceramic sanitaryware. These two HWS PF Pulse Firing type kilns can accommodate up to 5 cars, resulting in a net load volume of 71.2 m³ and an estimated output of 710 pieces per day of both fired and re-fired items.

Every detail of this order is designed to meet Charu Ceramic’s specific needs. In particular the Riedhammer Pulse Firing system installed on the two shuttle kilns will enable net consumption to be reduced significantly to less than 1,580 kcal/kg.

In addition to the 2 shuttle kilns, the order also includes a 90 metre long TWS kiln with an effective load width of 3600 mm that provides an estimated output of 2,600 pieces a day over 15-hour production cycles. Designed and built entirely at Riedhammer’s European facilities, the construction of the new tunnel kiln makes extensive use of stainless steel and high-quality refractory materials to ensure maximum reliability and long-term durability.

A member of the Great Wall Group, one of the country’s top tile manufacturers and a longstanding Sacmi customer, Charu Ceramic Bangladesh was founded in collaboration with Cotto Thailand to secure a position in the high-end segment, where it has set aside significant output quotas for export. Initial output capacity is expected to be 750,000 pieces a year, although the company already has plans to double that.