SACMI supplies new high-efficiency energy-saving dryer to Ceramica Flaminia


This solution is integrated with the new highly automated Sacmi line. The latest investment focuses on high energy performance and optimised production flow management.

As part of a broader programme of investments in Sacmi technology, Ceramica Flaminia, a leading sanitaryware manufacturer located in the Civita Castellana district, has upgraded the department used for ageing the pieces leaving the casting lines with the start-up of a new dryer designed by the Imola-based group.

The machine’s special configuration ensures perfect process uniformity. In particular, it maintains the relative humidity at below 1% during the entire cycle by means of software management of the maximum air temperature and by injecting nebulised water when required. This ensures constant humidity parameters and total repeatability of the operations.

Thanks to the intelligent control of all functions, the solution stands out for its very short set-up times, precise control of drying curves, and an improved balance between output quality and minimisation of rejects. Along with ease of use (simplified data entry, intuitive programming and diagnostics), the Sacmi dryer guarantees maximum production flexibility and is capable of handling a wide range of articles including simple and complex Vitreous China WC bowls and Fine Fire Clay pieces with an average weight of 30 kg.

The solution adopted by Flaminia is essential for energy saving and is designed to guarantee specific consumption levels of 1148 kcal per kg of evaporated water. The dryer is also equipped with an indirect hot air generator. The thermal insulation of the external pipes further reduces heat losses, optimising heat consumption and further improving the machine’s efficiency.

An additional further feature of the new dryer is the fact that it is designed for automatic loading with LGV laser-guided vehicles, an approach that reflects Ceramica Flaminia’s commitment to Industry 4.0 technologies.