Sanikey continues to grow thanks to Sacmi automation


The new facility near Istanbul will host an automated Sacmi casting cell featuring two robot-assisted AVM machines.

Sanikey, one of Turkey’s leading ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers, is taking quality to the next level with the construction of a new factory in Gebze-Kocalei near Istanbul. The aim is to improve the efficiency and quality of its production processes and thereby increase its export shares to Europe and the United States.

Sacmi is one of the key suppliers for the operation, and for the new unit is installing a complete high-pressure ceramic WC casting cell equipped with two AVM machines and assisted by demoulding and piece handling robots. The cell will also include the Sacmi AVM previously purchased by Sanikey and until now used for manual demoulding of articles.

The key characteristics of the supplied casting cell are total automation, quality, reliability and process repeatability. In addition to the AVM solution for WC production with up to 7-part moulds, it includes all accessory systems such as the slip dosing and pre-heating system, storage units complete with de-moulding supports, a water intake system and all the tools needed to ensure automation of piece outfeed.

Founded in 2006, Sanikey has already adopted other Sacmi technologies such as ADM casting machines and Gaiotto glazing robots.