The Sacmi-Gaiotto GDA80 glazing gun is used in over 100 sanitaryware plants worldwide


To date, the Gaiotto Diaphragm Automatic Gun (GDA80) - the Sacmi-Gaiotto glazing gun launched in 2013 - is in use in over 100 sanitaryware plants all over the world, from Italy to Turkey, Algeria, Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, Indonesia, USA, Thailand and Peru. The feedback from the market confirms its excellent results in terms of reliability and reduced maintenance requirements.

ln-the-field tests show that components last at least a year. In practice, the only part requiring replacement is the diaphragm, making the GDA80 clearly advantageous with respect to other spray guns currently on the robotized glazing market.

Easy to install and maintain, investment in the GDA80 is amortized in less than a year. This is thanks to savings on maintenance work and spare parts which, on the basis of usage data provided by customers and constantly monitored by Gaiotto, exceed 90%.

Process consistency and repeatability - essential in sanitaryware manufacturing - are 100% guaranteed thanks to elimination of the gun-closing needle, a design feature that reduces wear enormously (and, simply, prevents the usual nozzle clogging problems). By removing anything that might have a negative impact on glazing quality, the GDA80 ensures more uniform glaze distribution and less overspray.

Stable spraying parameters and glaze economies have been made possible thanks to a cap with wider air through-holes. The footprint is now some 25% smaller thanks to a positionable arm that also enhances flexibility and handling of the device by the robot. Featuring an all-stainless steel body, the GDA 80 is supplied by Sacmi-Gaiotto with 0-5 - 2.7 mm nozzles and is CE and Atex certified for use in explosive environments.