Villeroy&Boch makes further investment in Sacmi Gaiotto technology


Two new GA2000 robots for robotised glazing of WCs have been started up in the Mettlach facility.

The two new GA2000 Sacmi Gaiotto glazing robots installed in the Villeroy&Boch factory in Mettlach in place of the existing machines are already up and running, raising the level of automation, efficiency and glazed piece quality.

The two lines are designed for the production of a wide range of WCs and are equipped with mass control systems that optimise the quantity of delivered glaze.

Like the 11 Sacmi solutions previously installed in Mettlach, the two new robots allow for offline programming of glazing recipes via user-friendly joystick control and direct online parameter setting.

This latest order also allows the customer to manage cell production data remotely thanks to a slave communication interface that lets the robot communicate directly with the customer’s systems.

This feature allows for constant analysis and monitoring of glazing line performance as part of the shift towards Industry 4.0 criteria.