Digital manufacturing from System


Franco Stefani - System

Product customisation, cost cutting and batch size reduction are the new challenges facing the manufacturing industry. Switching from large-scale production to small-scale or single-product production requires a high degree of flexibility. In this lean manufacturing scenario, human resources, complete digitalisation of processes and efficient use of data are key to the development of the new manufacturing paradigm.

Against this backdrop, System is developing a new software platform called Prime in which the customer becomes an integral part of the production process through a web portal. He becomes a key player in the new development model in which attention is shifted from large-scale production to a tailor-made production process geared to his needs.

System’s goal is to set a new standard in ceramic factory management and thereby offer a real service. Prime is capable of controlling the production capacity of complete factories and optimising the quality of control processes and standardisation of information received from plants. This process analysis tool uses Natural Human Machine Interface (NHMI) based advanced computer systems.

A latest-generation graphic interface and 3D technologies can be used to dynamically represent all aspects of the production facility, allowing for virtual reconstruction of the entire production cycle in which all the systems are connected and capable of sharing feedback or process alignment information with the aim of improving the process in real time. Prime collects production data which can be transformed into information so as to guide business decisions and improve production, process and quality KPIs, thereby redefining the chain of value.

Prime is one of the world’s most important industrial digital transformation projects and involves the participation of more than 100 people in the R&D and Digital Industrial Design departments. System has the merit of having succeeded in modifying the processes and software of machines within the manufacturing system, developing a truly interconnected and digital factory capable of reconfiguring itself according to production requirements for a new industrial paradigm.

The features of Prime

  • Standard interface to keep the ERP level synchronised with the production plan according to ISA-95 and ISA-88 standards. 
  • Management and execution of orders created manually within Prime or originating from ERP.
  • Management of materials master data and definition of products created manually within Prime or originating from ERP. 
  • Integration of data originating from various multiple systems (ERP, SCADA, etc.) and plants in a single optimised data archive for reporting and online analytical processing (OLAP). 
  • The ability to acquire key operating parameters (KOPs) linked with the orders process and calculation of the key performance indicators (KPIs) which will guide the decision-making process and strategic planning.
  • Asset Management performed in real time by monitoring production lines and equipment.
  • The ability to manage material inventory automatically and in real time.