Spotlight on ceramic slabs and worktops at STYLE-CID: Store


Among the latest new products presented by Torrecid at Cevisama 2020 were the eco-friendly 2low-inkcid® glazes and inks and the new generation of high colour intensity inks.

At Cevisama 2020, Torrecid once again impressed visitors with its “STYLE-CID: Store” stand, a space with a unique design where the group presented its high-quality ceramic materials combining technology and creativity.

Renowned for its strong focus on innovation, Torrecid has played a pioneering role in a number of technological revolutions, from the monoporosa process in 1985 through to non-slip or high-gloss surfaces and the current digital revolution, including the development of the first printing solution using pigmented inks in 2004.

This culminated in the development of full-digital ceramics with exclusively digital application of reliefs, finishes and effects, a process that is compatible with eco-friendly water-based glazes and inks, such as the Ecoink-Cid®. This has led to increasingly large, lightweight and exclusively designed ceramic surfaces that have become the benchmark materials for architects and interior designers working on unique buildings and projects.

Today, the uncertainty deriving from the complex global economic and geopolitical situation makes it more important than ever to focus on research and innovation, which Torrecid believes is the only way to overcome the current difficulties. One example is the expansion of the range of environmentally friendly products, a top priority for the Spanish multinational. Its latest innovations in this field are the 2low-inkcid® glazes and inks with low pollutant and odorous emissions, which can be used on standard printers and printheads.

All the innovations presented at Cevisama were very well received by industry professionals, from the new digital reliefs to the metallic effects visible on a wide range of surfaces, including the exclusive multi-format worktops adaptable to all types of spaces and large surfaces.

A special mention goes to the new generation of colour-intensive inks, which achieve an unprecedented level of brightness. These inks also stand out for their low environmental impact both inside and outside the production facility.

For 2020, Torrecid’s goal is to continue its process of growth and development in both the ceramic industry and the other sectors where it already operates, without ruling out the possibility of new acquisitions.