SACMI Continua+: increasingly versatile and sustainable


Improved flexibility in terms of size and thickness, less scrap, lower electricity consumption, digitally synchronised surfaces, through-body decorations using SACMI Deep Digital solutions and the added benefit of being able to use standard porcelain tile bodies are the factors behind the global success of Continua+.

More than 50 Sacmi Continua+ lines have been installed worldwide to date, a level of success that testifies to the unique characteristics of this technology: versatility, digital process control and efficiency; thicknesses ranging from 3 to 30 mm; reduction of scrap in the pressing stage to consistently below 3% regardless of the slab size; and last but not least the possibility of working with traditional porcelain tile bodies, as certified by companies that are already using the technology.

The line stands out in particular for its high productivity and its ability to handle the diversified products and small batches that are increasingly in demand in today’s ceramic tile market. The possibility of minimising production waste regardless of the size (powders can always be recycled directly into the mix) and reducing belt replacement times to 30 minutes (less than 60 minutes for size changeover) are further benefits of this solution. For example, it can handle highly complex production mixes combining traditional fired product cutting solutions with on-the-fly unfired product cutting (SACMI TPV) and achieve maximum efficiency in the production of smaller than nominal sizes.

Figures for worldwide installations demonstrate that Continua+ is the only technology capable of handling technical products by means of through-body processes that perfectly synchronise dry decoration with surface decoration. The modern, high-end kitchen countertops with through-body veins produced with Continua+ and launched onto the market in 2018 are a clear example. The potential to create products other than traditional slabs extends across a range of thicknesses from 3 mm to 30 mm, allowing for the production of furnishing accessories while guaranteeing optimal density distribution and thickness uniformity.

Integration with dry and wet digital decoration solutions (SACMI DDD and DHD) also allows manufacturers to create new products with unique texture and depth. As certified by a leading ceramic company, another major benefit of Continua+ technology is certified sustainability: installed electrical power requirements can be cut by a factor of six (the PCR2000 runs on just 50 kW) and CO2 emissions and related costs are reduced dramatically. Hydraulic oil consumption is virtually eliminated, reducing maintenance and waste costs and bringing further environmental benefits.

At Tecnargilla 2020, Sacmi will be presenting an even more advanced version of the continuous compactor that is paving the way to true Industry 4.0 ceramic manufacturing.