System Ceramics cutting-edge and sustainable packaging technology


The Multiflex packaging process of System Ceramics represents a state-of-the-art technology that can assure high-performing operations, flexibility and customization.

Multiflex is an advanced packaging machine designed to be able to pack ceramic tiles of various sizes using neutral or preprinted carton sheets.

Starting from the neutral flat sheet, the machine creates a box by adapting the packaging according to the stack of tiles, so as to manage any variation in terms of calibre and stack height.

The material used to obtain the necessary strips comes in a standard 120x120 cm size, and is subsequently cut to create a totally tailored package, increasing the level of freedom in the creation of ceramic packaging.

The machine then makes the wrapping, creating a frame around the material, which can reach sizes up to 120x180 cm.

The control panel is fitted with a latest generation industrial Copilot PC with 15.6” full HD touchscreen and simple and intuitive management software.

In terms of performance, Multiflex is able to produce up to 10 boxes a minute with a considerable saving of cardboard (up to 80% depending on the size). This is a fundamental aspect with regards to environmental protection and energy saving.

Furthermore, the positioning of the 4 carton storage units can be managed in a single row (right or left) or on both sides (2 on the right and 2 on the left).

With Multiflex, boxes can be formed for different sizes with extremely rapid size change operations, while the graphics printed in real time on the package can be customised. The simplified mechanics is a further feature that allows for the execution of the final package with just a small number of operations.