With Prime, the smart factory is now reality


From incoming raw materials to the compilation of a finished product picking list, the Prime software platform developed by System Ceramics allows for complete digitalisation of ceramic manufacturing.

The need for customised production, smaller batch sizes and a shorter time to market are just a few of the latest challenges faced by today’s manufacturing industry. Complete digitisation of processes, the use of shared resources and efficient data management are key elements for sustainable development of the new industrial paradigm.

Prime, the System Ceramics software platform developed and built in-house by a dedicated department, has allowed for complete digitalisation of the ceramic manufacturing process. It is an example of a true Industry 4.0 application: from raw materials processing through to the finished product, Prime is capable of handling the entire production process using advanced IT systems that exploit modern concepts to considerably reduce costs and at the same time improve business processes for industrial standardisation.

Using a single latest-generation graphic interface and 3D technologies, the production plant is represented as a single dynamic whole, allowing for complete management of the entire production cycle.

Prime is a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that offers a complete overview of the production processes of entire factories with the aim of constantly improving operating performance.

The system controls the entire production cycle, from incoming raw materials to the compilation of a finished product picking list.

Prime dialogues with the plants and machines inside the factory and then processes data to provide a detailed analysis of the process.

This important software platform has already been installed in a number of ceramic factories in Italy and abroad which have decided to make use of an advanced system integrator, a solution that performs detailed production analyses in order to obtain strategically important information for optimising all stages of the production cycle.

This marks a major step forward for the ceramics industry and one in which System Ceramics is as always playing a pioneering role.