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ANFFECC holds 2021 AGM amid concern about rising raw materials and energy prices


Chairman Joaquín Font de Mora believes that the competitiveness of the Spanish ceramic glaze and colour industry may be impacted by rising costs. Progress on projects aimed at decarbonising the sector

The Annual General Meeting of ANFFECC, the Association of Spanish Producers of Ceramic Frits, Glazes and Colours, was held on 11 June via videoconference.

In his report, Chairman Joaquín Font de Mora outlined the association’s intense activity during the year of Covid-19 and stressed the significant improvement in the situation and the sector’s steady increase in sales.

At the same time, however, Font de Mora expressed concern about the excessive increase in costs in recent months, including those of raw materials, energy, transport and CO2 emission rights. “These threats risk undermining our profitability and competitiveness at a time when the international economy is still unstable due to the effects of the pandemic,” he said.

In 2020 ANFFECC took important steps towards decarbonisation of the sector and developed numerous projects linked to the various plans promoted by the Spanish Ministries, including Industry, Green Hydrogen, Circular Economy and Energy Storage. Font De Mora pointed out that the Spanish ceramic frit, glaze and colour industry has succeeded in reducing its emissions by 45% over the last 15 years, but institutional support is needed to develop all the projects currently in progress.