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Ceramic glaze and colour producers voice concerns about raw materials and energy


Ceramicolor member companies are becoming increasingly worried about raw materials availability and soaring energy costs

Pierluigi Ghirelli

Ceramicolor, the Italian Association of Ceramic Glaze, Inorganic Pigment and Metal Oxide Manufacturers, confirms the serious concerns amongst sector companies about raw materials supply issues and the soaring energy and logistics costs, all of which are having a severe impact on their operations.

Calling on the institutions to closely monitor these issues, Ceramicolor Chairman Pierluigi Ghirelli drew attention above all to the growing difficulty in procuring raw materials and the very high prices.

“These factors are forcing companies to procure materials from all available sources, some of which are of inadequate quality,” he said.

“The problems facing our sector are compounded by those affecting the other players in the ceramic industry, namely the ceramic producers and machinery manufacturers. This poses a serious risk for the continuity of production activities in a key area of Italian industry and jeopardises a recovery that had been expected to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic.”

With their 1500 direct employees and revenues of around €350 million in 2020, the 16 ceramic glaze and colour producers operating in Italy make an essential contribution to the Italian ceramic industry’s success in world markets.