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Colombia increasingly focused on bio-architecture


Over the next few years the Colombian construction industry will be strongly influenced by the standards and criteria of bio-architecture, a segment that is becoming increasingly popular and is likely to pave the way for more environment-friendly urbanisation.

The city of Medellín in particular has already launched a series of projects based on new approaches to architecture and extending over entire neighbourhoods. Moreover, according to the Consejo Colombiano de Construcción Sostenible (Colombian Council for Sustainable Construction, CCCS), the country is seeing a growing number of sustainable projects and applications for LEED certification.

Investments in construction are growing steadily in general, driven by the influx of large multinational companies that have started up direct operations in the country.

rowth of the sector has created jobs and improved the living standards of the population. There is growing demand for newly built apartments, offices and retail and hotel buildings in response to soaring rents, especially in the capital.