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The Italian sanitaryware, tableware and refractory materials industries


According to figures unveiled by Confindustria Ceramica for the performance of the three sectors in 2018, refractories and tableware performed well but the sanitaryware industry saw a downturn.

The 2018 figures for the Italian ceramic sanitaryware, tableware and refractory materials industries were also unveiled during the Confindustria Ceramica Annual Members’ Meeting.

The sanitaryware sector (30 companies, including 27 located in the Civita Castellana cluster in the province of Viterbo) experienced a contraction, producing 3.9 million pieces compared to the 4.27 million of 2017 and generating revenue of 336.4 million euros (-4.8%), including 45% from exports (151 million euros). Employment also dropped to 2,743 people (375 fewer than in 2017).

The ceramic tableware sector, consisting of 10 companies with 668 employees, posted stronger results. Production rose to 13,200 tons (+3.3%), while total sales remained essentially stable at 12,800 tons, a combined result of a small contraction in the domestic market (9,500 tons, -5%) and an improvement in export markets (3,300 tons, +13.8%). Total turnover also increased (up 7.6% to 54.9 million euros), of which 67% was generated from Italian domestic sales and 33% from exports.

The refractory materials sector also performed strongly in 2018, making up for the previous year’s losses. Production increased by 5.1% while sales grew by 4.6% by volume (57% in Italy). Exports rose significantly (+6.7%).

Total turnover grew by 14% to more than 400 million euros as a result of a 6.7% increase in domestic sales and an impressive 26% growth in exports.

There are a total of 34 refractory materials producers in Italy with 1,800 employees.