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The 2015 results for the Italian ceramic sanitaryware, refractory and tableware industries


The 2015 figures for the Italian ceramic sanitaryware, refractory and tableware industries were also unveiled during the Confindustria Ceramica Annual Meeting.

Overall, the three sectors made up 12.4% (721.5 million euros) of the Italian ceramic industry’s total turnover (5.839 billion euros, excluding manufacturing activities abroad), while the tile sector maintained its dominant share

In 2015, sales of ceramic sanitaryware grew by 1.95% in value, generating a turnover of 294.9 million euros, of which 132.7 million euros (45% of the total) originated from exports. The 33 companies operating in the industry (4 more than in 2014 and including 30 located in the Civita Castellana district of the province of Viterbo) produced a total of 3.77 million pieces (1.4% more than the previous year). The total workforce fell to 3,204 employees (compared to 3,377 in 2014).

These good results contrasted with the decline in the refractory materials sector, made up of 35 companies (unchanged with respect to 2014) and 2,085 employees (down 2.1% on 2014). Production in 2015 fell by 11.9% to 372,935 tons and sales dropped by 10.8% to 387,040 tons, of which 244,381 tons was sold in Italy (-13.9%, equivalent to 63.1% of total volumes). Total turnover amounted to 379.4 million euros (-7.8%), of which 240.9 million euros (-9.7%) originated from domestic sales, 77.2 million euros from EU exports (-3.6%) and 61.3 million euros from non-EU exports (-4%).

In 2015 the ceramic tableware industry consisted of 10 companies (one more than in 2014) with a workforce of 720 people, which produced an output of 11,200 tons and generated sales of 10,700 tons of finished products. Turnover exceeded 47.7 million euros (+6%), of which 71% was generated by domestic Italian sales. One particularly significant development was the introduction of antidumping measures on imports of Chinese tableware to Europe in May 2013, resulting in Chinese exporters being charged duties of between 13.1% and 36.1% for a period of five years. This measure triggered a further 3% decline in Chinese exports in 2015 (following a fall of 28.8% in 2014).