4M Form Soap


The treatment of resin, rubber or plaster case moulds with mould release agents is an essential step in plaster mould casting in which a non-stick layer is applied to ensure ease of separation of the plaster from the mould. The release agent must be applied with the utmost care and the type of release agent must be chosen considering the characteristics of the case mould (durability) and the functioning of the working mould (absorption of the thickness of ceramic slip).

The plaster release agents most widely used in the ceramic sanitaryware industry consist of surfactants diluted with hydrocarbons, which although advantageous in terms of cost are harmful for the durability of the case mould, for the proper functioning of the working mould and for health and the environment. This type of release agents causes premature aging of the case moulds and damages the gelcoat or rubber surface, leading to higher mould modelling costs.

For the plaster mould casting departments, 4M proposes 4M Form Soap, a concentrated high-performance plaster release agent specifically designed for the production of plaster moulds in the ceramic whiteware industry. Its practically neutral pH makes it suitable for all types of case moulds. The resin, rubber or plaster case mould remains intact for many years and is always clean after demoulding. The absorbency inside the plaster moulds remains unchanged, avoiding defects when casting the first raw pieces. 4M Form Soap must be diluted 50% with water and then applied in a thin layer onto the master mould by brush or spraying.

4M produces and distributes mould making materials and equipment for the construction of master moulds, case moulds and working moulds and supplies ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers with high-quality wear materials at extremely competitive prices. All products supplied by 4M are guaranteed and fully traceable.