Antibacterial, anti-stain and scratch-resistant crystallines


Antonio Fortuna, Domenico Fortuna, Elisabetta Martini - Setec (Civita Castellana, Italy)

One of the key aims of sanitaryware production is to improve product quality. This applies in particular to the gloss level of glazes, which can make all the difference between a high and a low quality product.However, the glazes currently used in the ceramic industry have a degree of surface microporosity that promotes the accumulation of dirt, lime scale, etc.

After just a few months of use this naturally leads to the formation of surface patinas or even incrustations that are not only unhygienic but also reduce the gloss level of the glazed surfaces. The goal of the Setec technology laboratory was to find a permanent, low-cost solution to this problem. With this in mind, it developed crystallines for application to glazed products prior to firing.

The resultant formulations are based on the expertise and experience gained by Setec in more than 30 years of operation. By optimising the raw materials and their grinding times, it was possible to create a surface that is more resistant to the formation of incrustations, dirt and lime scale.

  • Read the complete article published on Ceramic World Review 119/2016.