Atm Transmissions


Fiorano Modenese based company Atm Transmissions, set up in 2009 by Mrs. Nadia Randazzo with twenty years of experience in the field of spare parts and automation, specialized in the supply of a wide range of transmission products, including gearboxes, speed-variators and electric motors built according to European standards (both standard and customized).

Mainly Atm Transmissions operates in foreign markets through a sales network and distributors located in various countries around the world, an activity that enabled the company to grow up steadily. It is now looking for new distributors to ensure an extensive presence even in areas that are not yet covered.

Atm Transmissions, exploiting the experience, is able to design and develop tailor-made components that meet customers' specific requirements. For the main standard products, the company has boosted warehouse stock so as to improve and speed up its response to the growing demand.

In recent months, Atm Transmissions has expanded its range of articles for transport (rollers, shafts, pulleys, guides and profiles). Two of the most interesting new products are self-welding belts and polyurethane tube for rollers coating, which are produced in two versions, smooth or grooved. Both have 85 Shore hardness and offer high abrasion resistance and major advantages in terms of duration. The different fields of application include kiln exit lines, palletisers, corrosive materials, ferrous materials, glass and clay products.