C.B.C. Group


The C.B.C. Group produces a wide range of ceramic bodies designed to meet the specific needs of every customer. The bodies are made from high-quality materials milled by the company at its own plants.

To further expand its already wide range of products for ceramic body production, in 2015 C.B.C. began importing clay and kaolin from Ukraine, a country with extensive raw materials deposits. Clay from the Konstantinovska region is loaded onto ships capable of transporting from 15,000 to 30,000 tons of material in the main ports of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea and transported to the port of Ravenna. On arrival, the quality of the materials is meticulously checked in the company’s internal laboratory using chemical, particle size and physical analyses. The clays are all very light in colour and have levels of Fe2O3 below 1% and Al2O3 between 21% and 25%.  The white kaolins have levels of Fe2O3 from 0.3% to 1% and Al2O3 from 23% to 36%.

The clays are used for the production of glazed and full-body porcelain, and in some cases also for the production of extra-white bodies. The kaolins are used in the production of monoporosa and extra-white technical bodies.

The clays and kaolins are stored in a partially covered warehouse in Ravenna, from where they can be supplied by C.B.C. on an as-is basis or crushed, in both cases with a low moisture content according to customers’ specifications.