Colorobbia expands its range of glass-ceramic frits


The rapid growth of new technologies for the production of large-size tiles and slabs has led Colorobbia to update and expand its range of glass-ceramic frits capable of improving the technical and aesthetic characteristics of ceramic bodies, thereby adding further value to high-quality surfaces.

The expanded range of glass-ceramic frits now includes materials suitable for the development of hyper-white bodies (with values of L*> 90) or translucent effects, materials for improving colour strength and corrective materials for controlling shrinkage, sintering and coefficients.

For example, translucent bodies can be used to produce porcelain-effect tiles with adequate graphic depth for replicating natural stone.

Colorobbia was the first company to appreciate the potential for the use of glass-ceramic materials in ceramic bodies. It registered the first patents back in 1996 and is now the largest supplier of these kinds of frits to the world’s top producers of hyper-white and translucent slabs.