Colorobbia product range for digital application


Large sizes, the full-digital process, new digital material finishes and special digital effects are the key concepts that will define the future of ceramic technology as envisaged by Colorobbia.

Large-format production lines are one of the most rapidly-expanding areas, and this is also the segment in which Colorobbia expects to see the biggest growth of the full-digital concept. Digital glazes, effects and material finishes will be seen as ways of simplifying the production process and will bring a range of advantages relating not only to the process itself but also to the cost of finished products and above all protection of the environment.

Colorobbia is already designing these factories of the future and developing the perfect management solutions, anticipating its customers’ needs with dedicated solutions.

Based on these assumptions, Colorobbia has developed specific ranges of materials for digital application, which combined with standard products such as frits, pigments, glazes and grits offer ceramic tile producers an unlimited range of solutions.

In particular, the ETR (Extended Temperature Range) series stands out amongst the Colorobbia range of digital inks for the ability of its pigmented inks to develop stable and highly intense colours. This series of inks is specially designed for high productivity and for operation in extreme temperature conditions. These inks are suitable for use with any inkjet printhead and digital printing machine.

Colorobbia also has two families of effect inks, which essentially differ in terms of their particle size and the application weight needed to achieve a certain effect. The large particle size inks, known as the SPS (Special Particle Size) series, can be used to deposit a greater amount of material onto the tile by means of medium and high discharge printheads. These effect inks have specific characteristics and produce different finishes (white, matt, semi-matt, glossy, metallic, etc.) depending on the application sequence.

Along with its pigmented and effect ink series, Colorobbia also offers a wide range of high-discharge water-based digital glazes as part of the HQ (High Quantity) series, which fully meets customers’ needs regardless of the technology they use. The range of digital glazes developed by the R&D laboratory includes matt, transparent matt, glossy, highly glossy and white glazes.

Alongside this wide range of digital products, Colorobbia also offers several different lines of granular materials in its DDA (Digital Dry application) series, which use special printheads and dry material application technologies to achieve highly innovative designs and finishes. These materials include a variety of granulates (pellets and granular frits) with particle size distributions suitable for obtaining a wide range of surface finishes according to the technology used.