Creavision e-View: the latest evolution in computer vision from System Ceramics


The new vision and self-regulation system for digital printing is even more effective and complete, improving print quality and solving process issues

Discussions of technological evolution inevitably tend to focus on new machinery and systems for achieving increasingly high-performance, state-of-the-art production processes. But technological evolution also means upgrading successful solutions to keep step with the future development of industry.

System Ceramics has successfully demonstrated this with the launch of Creavision e-View, its new and even more effective vision and self-regulation system for digital printing. Based on the well-established Creavision system, the e-View (“Evolution View”) version is an even more comprehensive vision device capable not only of improving print quality but also of resolving process issues liable to jeopardise productivity.

Positioned at the entrance to the digital printer, Creavision detects the precise position of the tile on the belt and enables the graphic image to be positioned correctly on the surface to be printed, in turn ensuring that the design is perfectly centred on the tile. This process is performed principally through the use of video cameras that record the tile’s exact position, process the information and transmit it to the printer, which performs a real-time rotational and translational movement.

Creavision e-View is equipped with an even more sophisticated video camera system to ensure the highest levels of quality and productivity. Visual control is assigned to a full-view fixed reading system with a wider field of view covering the entire belt, making it possible to inspect the whole tile. This ensures wider ranging and more precise observations, a higher operating speed to cope with the frequent size changes required to meet the latest ceramic tile trends, and detection and resolution of critical printing issues. The synergy between these goals also results in less plant maintenance and lower costs and allows the entire production process to be optimised.

This solution from System Ceramics represents a significant step forward in the world of computer vision and further enhances the already high performance of the outstanding Creadigit Infinity digital printing system invented by the Fiorano Modenese-based company. The entire system has been upgraded in terms of digitalisation, automation and problem solving with the aim of delivering the renowned quality of System Ceramics together with a service that starts upstream of the plant. It also demonstrates the company’s attention to both new smart technologies and process sustainability issues.