Discovery A&S launches two new products for the preparation of pigments and glazes used in digital applications


Discovery A&S, based in Maranello (Modena), has developed two product ranges aimed at the production of pigments and glazes used in the digital decoration and glazing of ceramic tiles.

Discovery has based its research on both pre-grinding state-of-the-art water-based pigments and glazes and also on ink sub-micron grinding.

In the first area, it developed millimetred microspheres in silicate and zirconium aluminium, using materials with a high specific gravity that favour high productivity levels and do not wear easily.

The group of materials designed for sub-micron ink grinding is composed of microspheres in zirconium/yttrium oxide, manufactured using the "droplet" method, therefore preventing air absorption and achieving extremely high quality levels.

The microspheres do not wear easily and require an extremely simple industrial grinding phase. This prevents filters from clogging and minimises any pollution of the grinding media within the ink.