Durst adds Gamma 108 XD to the successful Gamma XD Series


Durst, the industrial inkjet specialist, is adding the Gamma 108 XD to its successful Gamma XD Series.

The new 8-color inkjet ceramic printer offers increased flexibility in production with a printing width up to 1000 mm, thus enabling to decorate all tile sizes up to the new for 90x90 cm design tiles with increased demand.

The Gamma 108 XD convinces with the capability to decorate large tile sizes despite a very compact design and space requirement, its easy-maintenance design, where all working parts can be easily accessed, ensuring maximum productivity.

An innovative, fully retractable belt-cleaning unit makes fast maintenance possible even during production. Besides other maintenance functions that customers can perform themselves, the Gamma 108 XD excels with the usual high levels of printing quality and reliability.

The XD Printer Series comes equipped with Durst's High Definition print head technology with dual ink recirculation as standard. The integrated "Adaptive Dot Placement Technology" guarantees banding-free printing with high image quality and color consistency across the entire printing width. The print heads have a fast alignment function allowing them to be replaced quickly and simply by the operator.

Customers can also choose to configure the Gamma 108 XD with the new DM - Digital Material Printing Technology in order to print ink volumes of more than 100 g/m² for each color row in order to create exciting designs and effects. As an option, the Gamma 108 XD can be configured for a dual line operation, allowing two printing lines to produce different tile sizes and/or designs for further increasing the flexibility and productivity of the printing system.

"With the Gamma 108 XD we are closing the gap between the Gamma 98 XD and the Gamma 148 XD and addressing the trend towards 90x90 cm tile sizes," says Norbert von Aufschnaiter, Segment Manager for Ceramics Printing at Durst Phototechnik AG. "The Dual Line option and the various print head configurations mean that we can offer our customers maximum flexibility coupled with the extreme reliability, banding-free printing quality and extensive maintenance functionality familiar from the XD series."

The new Gamma 108 XD decorates tiles in grayscale mode with a native resolution of 300 dpi and print resolutions up to 300 x 1000 dpi.