EkoSort by NuovaFima


Efficiency, compactness and reliability are the key characteristics of the new EkoSort™ sorting line from Nuova Fima.

EkoSort™ is a simplified sorting system that can be configured directly via the software. The special suction cups enable it to be used with tiles of any size or thickness, thereby minimising size changeover times.

With its extremely compact, circular structure, it is capable of making full use of all the available space and handling even the largest tiles efficiently.

Thanks to its special design features, the machine handles tiles gently during the stacking phase and reduces shock.

It also minimises environmental impact, noise levels and production line complexity thanks to the innovative pick-up system, which ensures that falling tiles are deposited gently on the stack below.

EkoSort™ is exceptionally reliable and has limited maintenance requirements.

This has been achieved by reducing the number of parts subject to wear (e.g. by eliminating belts) and by adopting a circular turret geometry to ensure ease of access to all machine parts.