ElleK Automazioni solutions for Industry 4.0


ElleK Automazioni has years of experience in designing and building automation systems and processes capable of meeting the needs of Industry 4.0, the transformation from a traditional to a digitalised factory that sees automation is one of its cornerstones.

In industrial process control automation, use of the digital technologies currently on the market brings a number of advantages guaranteeing higher productivity and competitiveness for companies.

  • Greater flexibility, through the production of small batches with the same unit cost as large-scale production, allowing for major opportunities in terms of customisation;
  • Shorter time from prototyping through to mass production thanks to innovative technologies that reduce set up times and speed up implementation;
  • Higher productivity, thanks to more dynamic processes and greater flexibility of operations and system reconfiguration; this reduces costs and wastage and improves production systems reliability and quality (reduction in errors, defects and machine stoppages);
  • Greater integration of supply and sub-supply chains through improvements in procurement and logistics systems, more efficient warehouse and orders management, optimised relations with suppliers and less conflict thanks to open and collaborative ecosystems;
  • Greater safety, through improved interaction and a versatile man-machine interface that allows for a significant reduction in errors and injuries as well as improved workplace safety and ergonomics; production systems that support and assist operators in performing their tasks result in reduced work-related stress and overcome certain limits in terms of availability of adequately trained personnel, ageing of the workforce, integration of workers with disabilities, etc.;
  • Greater sustainability through a reduction in energy consumption, use of raw materials and emissions, resulting in a lower environmental impact of the entire product life cycle.

The ceramic solutions proposed by ElleK Automazioni cover the entire production cycle, from raw materials preparation to panel handling at the end-of-line stage.

The PLCs and PCs of the various lines and machines are interlinked and connected to the factory network via a TCP-IP protocol, which uniquely identifies ElleK systems through an IP address.

All the plant functions are controlled by PLC and the machines are connected via the factory LAN network with the factory IT systems for loading of the process parameters, for continuous monitoring of working conditions, and for remote maintenance and control.

The man-machine interface is simple and intuitive. The proposed systems comply with the latest workplace safety, health and hygiene standards and meet all legal requirements.

The machine control systems are able to continuously monitor the working conditions and process parameters and self-regulate to adapt to process drift.