Finishing 4.0 with measuring cameras


Top Squadra Dry 4.0 is an automatic production line in which each electromechanical unit is controlled in real time by PLC software. All tools are equipped with a measuring camera and a BMR Fast tool holder flange to guarantee rapid, safe and effective mounting. The entire unit is protected by the new stainless steel casings that facilitate operator access to the work area. This brings numerous advantages, including improved production efficiency and cost optimisation. The acquired data allow the machine to self-adjust according to the variables, leaving the operator the task of monitoring the machine’s operation remotely as a process supervisor.

One of the main advantages of the system is energy saving given that all the spindles are inverterised, resulting in lower energy consumption and consequently lower costs.

Efficiency and productivity

The automatic tool positioning process significantly reduces the stoppage time normally associated with manual adjustment, resulting in improved plant efficiency. The operator remains outside the soundproof cabin and all micro-adjustments are performed more frequently and more rapidly by a fully automatic system with zero stoppages. This enables a single operator to supervise up to 5-6 lines, compared to the operator/machine ratio of 1:1 typical of the conventional squaring machine.

The higher spindle speed also brings a significant increase in productivity.

Another important aspect concerns tool optimisation. A combination of automated real-time tool adjustments, higher speed and the use of software filters enables machining operations to be optimised, resulting in a significant improvement in quality, longer tool lifetime and consequently cost savings. BMR estimates that the solution brings an average 25% saving on tools compared to conventional squaring machines.

Higher quality

This automated system equipped with cameras guarantees fewer breakages (or chipping), less downtime, greater continuity of production, less material wastage during size changeovers and a significant increase in the percentage of first choice production, which is very close to 100%.

The cameras allow the operator to inspect the machining operation from the console to monitor the quality of the transiting tiles and identify any defects.