Fritta presents its new product range for digital printing


Digital decoration technology has revolutionised both the decoration process and the number of applications that can be performed. As a result, it is now possible to decorate large-format, low-thickness tiles as well as very small sizes and mosaics with a high degree of precision and detail, making for unique pieces that until recently could only be obtained with third or fourth firing processes.

The digital revolution has prompted a transition from just 3 or 4 CMY pigmented inks to the application of more than 40 different materials on a single piece. This has not only expanded the colour range but has also increased the range of possible effects (gloss, matt, reactive, white, lustre and metallic) based on the application of large thicknesses of digital glazes and dry grits.

These applications can produce previously unimaginable aesthetic effects such as volumes, reliefs and clearly defined textures with 3D effects. The new high-discharge printheads have also improved productivity, flexibility and the potential for developing new ceramic materials.

The new series of HV4 digital inks produced by Fritta is able to obtain the maximum colour yield and stability. The series consists of 18 inks: alongside Yellow, Beige, Leather, Gold Yellow, Orange, Red Brown, Pink, Blue, Cyan, Green and Black there are now the inks from the Surfaces range for ceramic effects: Matt, Glossy, Reactive, Lustre, White, Cola and Metallic. Alone or combined, they cover most proposals currently available.

Fritta has also developed a new glossy ink designed to cover the full firing temperature range of industrial ceramics.

The application of material to create 3D effects is being increasingly widely used in ceramic collections as it allows for the production of a wide range of volumes coupled with the most modern designs.

For this purpose, Fritta offers two dedicated lines. The first consists of Dry Glaze dry decoration materials with high-fluidity granules.

This new range includes the first EJ75R series of digital grits consisting of clear gloss, matt, satin, rustic matt, glossy white and lustre grits, as well as Blue, Beige, Brown and Black coloured granules, which can be used to create different combinations according to decorative requirements.

The second line of new products belong to the Digital Glaze series and are more suitable for use with higher resolution and precision equipment. The possibility of operating over a range of between 200 g/sq.m and 350 g/sq.m, depending on the speed of the line, allows for very sharp 3D effects.

The new Hover Move grits for use together with digital decoration offer particularly high levels of performance, as do the new Iris series metallic colours specially designed for porcelain.

The new products developed by Fritta also include: Essence, which gives a classic look with stylised marble for luxury interiors; Native, for a contemporary style inspired by nature (wood, stone, concrete); Twist, which evokes a craft culture and a pop, ethnic and geometric style; Advance, more advanced materials and applications suitable for minimalist style projects combined with elements of natural or industrial spaces.