Full Digital Line by KeraJet


Since it was founded in 1998, Kerajet has focused its efforts on developing digital inkjet printing, a revolutionary technology that has now become a cornerstone of industrial ceramic tile production.

The company’s strong propensity for research and development, an integral part of its corporate DNA, has led to the development of innovative and creative solutions capable of changing the production process at a world level.

Two years after launching the innovative K8 printheads for digital glazes and the K9 printheads for application of solids, at Cevisama 2016 Kerajet unveiled the solution that would mark a real turning point for the future of the technology: complete digital lines covering the entire process from spray dried product through to the finished pallet ready for delivery.

This revolutionary step towards the factory of the future was made possible by Kerajet’s close cooperation with other Spanish ceramic machinery manufacturers with expertise in complementary production sectors. The resultant synergies engendered a new complete plant concept based on high productivity and low cost, a high degree of flexibility in terms of sizes and the possibility of combining various kinds of digital products in a single line complemented by efficient sorting, palletisation and packaging systems.

During Kerajet Open House 2016, held at the company’s headquarters during Cevisama, visitors had a chance to get a hands-on view of the Full Digital Line with its 4 constituent sections.

  • Kerajet pressing area: this area performs digital decoration prior to printing, creating standard and polished products with a dry decoration system based on K9 printhead technology. It can process sizes up to 4 metres in length and between 600 mm and 1200 mm in width.
  • Kerajet digital decoration area: various technologies and types of printheads are used in synchronisation to perform decoration without glazes or colours and without the limits of dry decoration. Each machine has a length of 2.5 metres in which it is possible to perform more than 12 different application (equivalent to more than 100 applications in the space of just 40 metres).
  • Kerajet Visio: an automatic visual inspection system that performs product quality control in the various sections of the line and during the various production stages.
  • Packaging area: this area includes the sorting and palletisation operations and is highly versatile in terms of size changes, allowing for customised digital pack printing directly on the line and consequently a significant reduction in costs.

The Kerajet Full Digital Line allows for a wide range of applications and finishes for product customisation and brings a significant improvement in quality together with low production costs.