Green Blow by FM


The steady growth of digital decoration is fuelling a need for increasingly strict control of the temperature of tiles entering printers to ensure consistently high quality printing.

It is also necessary to ensure that the tiles are perfectly clean and uniform by removing any ceramic dust that has deposited.

One cheap, effective and flexible method for cleaning and cooling tiles entering the digital decoration machine is to use high-performance centrifugal fans.

Green Blow, the current model in the FM range which was unveiled at Tecnargilla 2014, was specially designed to achieve maximum performance in terms of tile cleaning and cooling while keeping down electricity consumption and noise levels.

Green Blow meets the strict limits imposed by the EU regulations in force since 2015 and can therefore be used not only in the ceramic industry but in any sector requiring a cleaning or cooling capability.

Compared to the previous model, Green Blow has 25% greater capacity and a 28% higher airflow speed, resulting in up to an 80% increase in cooling effect.

Alongside these improvements in performance, the downsized motor - reduced from 0.55 kW or 1.1 kW to just 0.37 kW - brings energy savings and an approximately 40% lower weight. A meticulous airflow study allows for an approximately 40% reduction in perceived noise levels.

The ergonomics have been improved and installation on the line made simpler, while maintenance requirements are minimal. Along with the Green Blow fan, FM has also designed a 620 mm adjustable diffuser which brings a further increase in performance and reduction in noise.

In parallel with the spread of digital printing technologies, there has also been a steady increase in tile sizes in recent years, creating a need for solutions devoted specially to these new kinds of products.

To complete the air line, FM unveiled an adjustable transversal diffuser at the recent exhibitions Cevisama 2016 in Spain and Revestir 2016 in Brazil. This diffuser can reach lengths of up to 2000 mm and ensures effective cooling and cleaning even in the case of very large sizes.

The new transversal diffuser can easily be fitted to the Green Blow fan and takes full advantages of its characteristics, allowing a uniform air curtain to be obtained even over significant lengths.

All these products, along with those of the Heavy line (including the new control system for safer large format transport), are already visible in the B2B area on the website, where access credentials can be requested.