High-efficiency wet grinding


Certech has developed a new type of wet grinding plant for raw materials, that stands apart in terms of higher productivity and energy savings

In recent years, Certech has been working closely with technical, laboratory and production managers at a number of ceramic companies with the aim of developing a new type of wet grinding plant for raw materials. These joint R&D efforts have led to a unique system that stands apart from the solutions currently available on the market and offers a series of technological innovations covered by Italian and international patents.

Higher productivity

Wet grinding plants equipped with MCM modular continuous mills developed by Certech guarantee higher productivity while maintaining the same capacity.

The various modules are completely independent. The first operates in the same way as a normal continuous mill, with the grinding charge level with the intake auger. A vibrating screen installed between the second and third modules serves to remove large-grained hard material that has not been ground by the second module. This means that only the material ready for fine milling is sent on to the third refining module, while the discarded fraction is sent back to the entrance of the first module for regrinding by the larger milling bodies.

The second and third modules are equipped with double diaphragms located at both the entrance and the exit. This allows the level of the grinding media to be increased to 60% of the volume, significantly increasing the quantity of grinding charge and the number of contact points between the grinding media. This in turn results in an increase in production.

Energy savings

It has been demonstrated that increasing the quantity of grinding media to 60% of the volume (instead of 45% as is the case with conventional continuous modular mills) ensures considerable energy savings during operation. To reduce energy consumption, the level of the slip in the second and third modules is increased by adopting a forced pumping system to feed the slip into the modules in conjunction with a specially designed pipe at the mill exit.

Absence of plant constraints

The modular mills supplied by Certech are all independent thanks to the use of centrifugal pumps that have been specially designed and built in-house to feed the second and third modules. This allows for the creation of a grinding plant layout based on that of a traditional continuous modular mill while at the same time eliminating all plant constraints.

Certech mills can be installed longitudinally or transversely while maintaining the same grinding characteristics. In some cases, a set of modular mills has been installed across two separate buildings.