High-productivity mills by Certech with low energy consumption


Certech has developed and patented a new continuous modular mill that grants up to 20% savings in energy consumption and a higher productivity up to 15-20%

Certech is presenting its new Continuous modular mill, a machine that has seen a series of internationally patented innovations that set it apart from traditional mills of the same kind. Based on experience acquired in more than 40 years of business in the grinding sector, the new patented technical solutions allow up to 15-20% higher mill productivity for the same capacity.

This enables the user to stop the mills during the time slot when energy is most expensive so as to achieve immediate cost savings.

The Certech Continuous Modular Mills are independent and thanks to a patented system they can have different module speeds (as occurs in other machines on the market) and different levels of grinding media and slip in the second and third module. By increasing the level of grinding media and consequently the level of slip to above 50% of the internal volume of the mill, it is possible to rotate the grinding media with lower energy consumption than that of traditional continuous mills. Certech can guarantee savings of up to 20%.

Moreover, the drives and the mill hubs are smaller on the second and third modules, resulting in lower plant costs.

This philosophy applies both to new continuous grinding plants and when reusing existing mills or increasing production capacity through the use of fine continuous mills.

A number of continuous modular mills supplied by Certech in the new optimised version are in operation in ceramic factories in Italy and Spain.