Igloo by TekMak


In 2012 TekMak became the first company to develop a patented system designed specifically for ceramic tiles entering digital printing machines.

Igloo is able to cool tiles prior to digital printing by eliminating a high percentage of the moisture present in the glaze applied to the ceramic body, thereby creating the ideal conditions for any type of digital printer.

Given the success and widespread use of the Igloo system, in 2014 Tekmak patented a new machine to meet the needs of companies that use digital printers in a continuous cycle, with the aim of reducing the digital printer stoppage times and achieving very high quality yields.

The new Igloo has improved the already very high performance of the initial systems by more than 200% and remains the only cooling solution capable of directing 24,000 cubic metres of air/hour over the tiles.

This guarantees excellent results in terms of surface temperature reduction and vapour elimination, as well as reducing consumption thanks to stand-by systems and adjustment of fan speed.

Igloo Combo reduces the surface temperature by up to 12-14°C, although this result may vary according to the line speed, the incoming tile temperature and the tile’s size and thickness. It also removes up to 90% of glaze surface moisture.

The patented closed air recycling system with dust filters also makes it possible to print on a clean surface and always in the same conditions.

This improves the printing quality and printhead lifetime and guarantees a more fluid production process by reducing machine stoppages for printhead cleaning.

The efficiency of the system is demonstrated above all by the figures: to date TekMak has installed more than 140 Igloo units for leading ceramic companies in over 20 countries worldwide.