Evolution Clean by Elema


Thanks to continuous research and analysis of the best technological innovations available for the ceramic industry, Inter Ser is presenting the Evolution Clean digital printhead cleaning machine in partnership with Elema, which developed and tested it in operation.

The unique and innovative Evolution Clean system is able to automatically clean any make of printhead.

It is extremely compact and easy to use and is designed with high-quality, durable components.

Complete cleaning performed with Evolution Clean is based on a mechanical and chemical cleaning sequence (respectively, ultrasound and circulation of solvent liquid inside the circuit and through the nozzles). Because this cleaning process is purely mechanical, the printhead’s connector remains disconnected and the integrity of the electronics is assured.

The machine is supplied with 4 preset cleaning cycles, but by adjusting the available parameters (time, temperature and pressure), it is possible to create simple and intuitive custom cleaning cycles.

These cycles can also be memorised using the software specially developed for Evolution Clean. A touchscreen display allows the selected operations to be viewed and the cleaning phases monitored in real time.

Evolution Clean is able to perform rapid and thorough cleaning and to process multiple printheads during the day.

As it is completely automated, it is not necessary for an operator to monitor the various steps in the cleaning cycle. The machine also controls temperature and pressure to ensure that the printheads are not damaged by excessively stressful washing cycles.

By performing continuous preventive printhead maintenance, it is possible to minimise problems during the printing and production stages and to increase the first choice percentage.

Further advantages of Evolution Clean include low consumption of energy and Cleaner liquid, the machine’s high cost-effectiveness and the longer printhead lifetime.

A number of machines are already in operation in Argentina, Colombia, Turkey, Ukraine and India. In Italy the machine is mainly used at the Elema facility as a service option.