Marcheluzzo Ceramic presents ViscoSmart


Visco S.M.A.R.T., an acronym for “Self-Monitoring Analysis And Reporting Technology”, is the new fully automatic system for monitoring the rheological parameters of bodies and glazes for sanitaryware production.

ViscoSmart is a highly versatile automatic system that measures fluid viscosity, thixotropy, density and temperature by means of the in-line device using Marcheluzzo’s proprietary “Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology”.

ViscoSmart is a simple solution for controlling rheological parameters which allows the operator to monitor the current process based on reliable measurement techniques. Continuous evaluation eliminates the need for periodic sampling and allows for constant and precise control of the properties of bodies, glazes and engobes.

It is a versatile instrument, ideal for companies requiring continuous viscosity monitoring rather than measurement of a precise number (e.g. 33.5 cP) as is normally done in the laboratory. It is easy to install, check, calibrate and clean and has no moving parts, so maintenance is minimal. By optimising product quality through automatic control options, it also helps reduce production and operating costs.

ViscoSmart attracted keen interest amongst industry professionals at its launch at Tecnargilla. Following the laboratory testing period in which various process operating conditions were simulated, it was installed and successfully started up at one of the Italian factories of a major international sanitaryware manufacturing group. In operation 24/7 since start-up, it performs automatic in-line monitoring of the parameters of the slip, which in this specific installation is fed to a pressure casting plant.

Based on proprietary technology for interpreting and processing data deriving from the measurements, ViscoSmart can create the ideal operating conditions for optimising the efficiency of the casting plants and thereby improving production performance.

What makes the project really innovative is the technological aspect of the application. Using a method based on years of experience with production processes, the measurement data are fed continuously into a database that can be consulted by technicians working in the various departments. These data also serve to create detailed statistics on real-time variations in the parameters.

The system can be accessed through the company Ethernet and/or over the internet with the possibility of managing all operating functions remotely after inserting a password.

After-sales support, spare parts and technological support are provided by the Marcheluzzo Ceramic team.