Megacolor presents the new "Digital Effects" series


The innovation and constant research conducted by Megacolor in 2016 is strengthening the company’s position in the international ceramic market. A leader in the field of ceramic decoration, the company has developed a new line of Inkjet Master digital effects that bring together the wide range of Megacolor brand ceramic colours with the use of cutting-edge technology.

The Digital Effects series consists of five effects which can be used with all existing moulds.

• Reactive digital ink: the reactive or penetrating effect of this digital ink serves to create decorations and geometric patterns that give the ceramic surface an exclusive design.

• Matt digital ink: when used together with pigmented ink it creates satin effects with bright contrasts that enhance the finished product.

• Glossy digital ink: used in the same way as the matt ink but in reverse; on a matt glaze it produces glossy effects for designs created with coloured inks.

• Opaque digital ink: used to create a sensation of depth and relief; when used together with other effects it creates colour tones that imitate stone and marble.

• Lustre effect digital ink: this sophisticated effect has long been used in the ceramic industry.Digitalisation has brought the additional advantage of being able to dose the quantities and apply the effect to the desired area of the design, resulting in unique aesthetic effects.


Megacolor’s range of digital ceramic effects and inks stand out for their stability, durability and quality, enabling ceramic producers to guarantee product continuity. The company’s products are completely eco-friendly and certified by the leading world suppliers of ceramic digital printers. Megacolor Ceramic Products is committed to constantly innovating and expanding its range. It also offers ceramic companies an outstanding technical support and monitoring service throughout the production and product development processes.