Migratech by LB


Migratech is the innovative dry milling system with microgranulation designed by LB. The technology for dry preparation of ceramic bodies has been optimised by developing plant solutions for various types of production, while at the same time ensuring an extremely high quality finished product and a drastic reduction in energy costs and allowing for production based on criteria of sustainable development.

LB has chosen to use the MRV vertical roller mill for the grinding process, as this type of mill is capable of grinding the material to a fineness comparable to that obtained with wet mills. MRV is a finishing mill with built-in dryer and dynamic separator which performs optimal mixing of body components with different levels of hardness. The GRC microgranulation process differs from traditional processes in that the finely ground powder undergoes a small degree of humidification before entering the EVF fluid bed dryer so as to restore the body moisture content to optimal values for pressing.

The Migratech bodies display all the positive characteristics of microgranulates while at the same time reducing compaction problems during pressing and guaranteeing a good level of reactivity in the drying and firing stages. Migratech also drastically reduces defects caused by the organic impurities usually found in the raw materials, and improves the mechanical and aesthetic characteristics of the finished product. Based on experience with different types of ceramic products, considerable savings of gas, water and electricity can be achieved, resulting in a reduction in CO2 emissions into the environment. Furthermore, the cost of using deflocculants is eliminated and the plant maintenance costs are lowered, as indicated by the average percentage savings shown in the tables.

The body obtained using Migratech technology has a comparable high quality to that of the wet milling processes with spray drying, but involves less bulky production layouts and lower plant operating and maintenance costs. The innovation introduced by LB with the introduction of the microgranulation process allows for the production of large-format porcelain.

Further innovative characteristics of Migratech include: good flowability of the body during press mould feeding; ease of de-airing during pressing; greater uniformity of the unfired pressed body; and reduction in the powder thickness inside the press mould.

The average investment payback time is 12-18 months.