New digital decoration technologies from Durst


Building on the success of more than 500 installations worldwide, Durst once again demonstrated its capacity for innovation at this year’s Tecnargilla with the presentation of its Gamma XD series and new digital glazing technology.

The Gamma XD series is the new generation of Durst 8-colour ceramic printers, designed for lasting printing precision and uniformity and extraordinary colour stability. Alongside technological innovations, the machines have sophisticated new features including modularity and an integrated self-maintenance capability. The Gamma XD series includes two printers capable of decorating tiles of various sizes with quick and easy width adjustments:

  • Gamma 98XD for printing widths up to 957 mm
  • Gamma 148XD for printing widths up to 1404 mm.

Both printers feature Durst High Definition technology printheads and dual ink circulation and can be configured with up to 8 bars.

The new Gamma XD series is capable of decorating tiles with a native resolution of 300 dpi combined with the innovative Adaptive Dot Placement technology. This machine is able to print 4 grayscale levels with a drop size of up to 90 pl. Printheads with drop sizes up to 320 pl are also available for creating special effects such as gloss, matt, lustre, metallic effects, etc. The intelligent Electronic Print Head Alignment System ensures band-free printing and high image quality and colour uniformity over the entire print width. A new system for printhead cleaning and filtering without ink loss ensures consistent printing results, a long printhead life and long times between maintenance. It also avoids the ink wastage that derives from discharge onto the conveyor belt during standard printhead cleaning cycles. The printheads are designed to reduce machine stoppages and can be replaced and adjusted by the operator quickly and easily. The new Gamma XD printers are equipped with Remote Diagnostics Technology and allow all maintenance and support work, including printhead changing, to be performed without supervision by Durst. The machines allow ease of access on both sides for maintenance work (photo 2) and offer guided procedures for performing quick and easy replacements and alignments.

The new structure of the Gamma XD series printers is designed to optimised ergonomics and further improve the production processes. The control panel can be adjusted in height, rotated and easily adjusted on site for left or right handed operation.

The Gamma XD series is equipped with what customers consider to be the best printing software for quick and simple operation (64-bit Linux). The operator can choose one of the many available languages to customise the user interface. The software allows for a high degree of flexibility and is equipped with various functions to optimize the digital workflow, such as the exclusive Durst Autostructure function for creating a structure automatically when using special inks such as depth effects.

Durst Digital Glaze Line With the new Digital Glaze Line concept, Durst is introducing an innovation that will revolutionise ceramic tile production through completely digital glazing before and after the digital decoration machine and synchronization of the digital glazing, printing and finishing processes.

This will result in greater creativity, efficiency and precision and will allow for on-demand production, from inception through to the finished product, without the need for further production stages. Digital Glaze technology will enable tile producers to perform complete or partial glazing and to create textures that are synchronised with the graphic design, opening up possibilities that would have been unimaginable with conventional technologies. Digital Glaze technology can be installed before the current digital decoration printer to glaze tiles with flat or textured surfaces, or after the printer to apply special effects or a protective finishing layer. The biggest advantage of this innovative technology is that it is able to apply large quantities of glaze with a particle size very close to that of conventional glazes, allowing for low-cost applications that maintain the look and feel of traditional ceramic materials.

This makes it possible to optimise the production process, increase efficiency, reduce waste and minimize production costs.

The new Gamma XD series is already equipped with a software interface for synchronisation with Digital Glaze technology. Durst is also planning to provide connections for digital printers produced by other brands so as to be able to offer the system in a stand-alone configuration.