Quality Service: Industry 4.0 according to BMR


Industry 4.0 is now reality and is attracting a growing number of businesses. Real-time data interconnection, management and analysis as well as redefinition of company processes, skills and organisations are the main characteristics of this new digital economy, which aims to achieve even more extensive optimisation of the production chain.

Ever attentive to the development of complete process technologies in terms of both products and customer service, BMR has responded to this development process by improving Quality Service, the production data acquisition and teleservice system tailored to its key machines.

In reality, Quality Service was developed and offered several years ago as a supplement to the equipment supplied by BMR, paving the way for much more rapid and effective remote support.

With the development of Industry 4.0 and the introduction of government incentives in Italy, BMR has now further expanded the system, achieving the interconnectivity needed to develop smart production lines.

Quality Service is a hardware and software supervision system consisting of a panel that displays the operating status of the complete line in real time. It allows the operator to view production values and the state of individual machines on the line, to trace the production cycle, examine the log, identify problems and their causes, and helps the operator to restore operating conditions in real time.

Consisting of a 17” data collection PLC housed in a dedicated cabinet and a PC with 22” colour touchscreen with dedicated pages for each individual machine, it is connected to the various operator panels via Ethernet. BMR also supplies a 10” colour tablet which displays all the data and can film video to facilitate remote support.

The main operations that can be performed are:

  • displaying the operational status of the department;
  • displaying/setting the production data of connected machines;
  • signalling and listing alarms present in the department;
  • displaying/storing the log and alarm statistics, which can be called up by data and/or production batch;
  • displaying the list of maintenance operations to be performed in the department;
  • remote access to the system via various access channels;
  • teleservice using video footage filmed with the tablet provided.

BMR once again confirms its future-oriented vision not only of machine technology but of the entire development and production process, further improving the effectiveness of its solutions for the ceramic end-of-line stage.