Sacmi presents the new press for powder metal compaction


Six years after launching the first press for powder metal compaction, Sacmi unveiled a second-generation press at Ceramitec 2015: the innovative MPH2002.

In spite of entering the Powder Metal market only during the last decade, Sacmi has already established itself as a major player in the supply of PM equipment. Over the last three years, more than 40 units have been successfully commissioned in 10 different countries in 4 continents, all of them efficiently served by the Sacmi Group’s many local branches.

The new MPH2002 marks the culmination of the intensive work on the part of Sacmi’s Powder Metal Division (investments, development of know-how and partnerships with academia/industry) and aims to set a new standard for PM hydraulic pressing technology.

With the MPH2002, the meticulous attention that Sacmi always focuses on energy saving and environmental sustainability has been taken a step further thanks to an innovative hydraulic circuit, which reduces energy consumption by 15-40% depending on production conditions.

At the heart of the circuit there are two closed-loop controlled pressure lines fed by variable-speed drives and fixed-displacement pumps. These are activated automatically according to the real needs of the pressing cycle and ensure that energy consumption is minimised regardless of the production scenario.

Finally, the unparalleled performance provided by the new hydraulic design of the MPH2002 offers potential speed gains of up to 50% without losing energy efficiency.

In addition to renewed mechanical and hydraulic systems, the other outstanding innovation on show at Ceramitec was the new computer-aided programming system as the MPH2002 is equipped with an Assisted Programming Interface (API). This will enable operators all over the world to set program parameters easily. All they will have to do is enter a few geometrical characteristics of the piece to be pressed using the graphic interface and cross-check the results with a user-friendly cycle simulator before proceeding to production.