SCRMOLCER presents the new Infinity electronic mould


At Tecnargilla 2018, Scrmolcer is presenting the new Infinity electronic mould capable of managing the ceramic body pressure in each individual mould cavity.

With this kind of mould SCR offers a solution that is capable of displaying the specific pressure generated in each cavity on a monitor right from the first pressing. With this advanced patented technology, the user is able to view the operating condition of the mould with each pressing and can take immediate and effective action to correct defects without having to wait for a tile test run to be completed.

The Infinity mould is also equipped with a technology that can alert the operator of deviations from the settings he has made during operation and stop the production process if enabled to do so.

Right from the first pressing, Infinity provides a number of advantages including uniform specific pressure in each cavity, almost identical specific density per cavity and single-calibre values of tile dimensions. It also eliminates downtimes necessary to adjust punch positioning following incorrect tile measurement values. Infinity guarantees the maximum safety of use: all mould setting and adjustment operations are performed automatically on the mould and no longer manually by the operator underneath the mould.

Further characteristics of the new mould include:

  • punch height/position;
  • malfunction alarms with setting by operator during use;
  • continuous pressing data display;
  • saving of pressing cycle values;
  • display of specific pressure in each cavity;
  • specific software customisation on request.