Sertam – a Company of B.P. Elettronica presents Mass Meter: automaticic manage and control of the glaze density



Sertam - a Company of B.P. Elettronica is presenting a new device for the ceramic industry, the Mass Meter. Designed to automatically manage and control glaze density, the device is connected to the tank of any glaze application machine for which management and control of product density is required.


This makes it ideal for use with an airless pump, curtain coating application, bell, disc cabin and traditional or digital screen printing machines. The operator sets the desired density on the terminal, connects the 3 tubes (glaze input and output and the water pipe) to the tank and then starts automatic operation. The product passes through the mass flow meter, which in conjunction with the controller regulates the glaze to the desired density.

The machine can be wheel-mounted for ease of positioning close to the tank or can be mounted directly on the spare tank. The system reduces the number of manual controls required compared to conventional methods and ensures constant product density. Precision per gram: ± 1 g/l.